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We present here some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our operation and about the enrollment of your child in our Center.

Can I schedule a tour to see the classrooms?

Yes. We give tours everyday between 9 am & 11 am. If this time is not convenient, you can call us at 941-423-8844 and we can set up a more convenient time.

What are the child to teacher ratios?

Ratios all depend on the child’s age. In an infant room, the ratio is 4 infants to 1 teacher. One (1) year olds are 1 to 6 etc. On most occasions, we have extra staff scheduled throughout the day to assist the classrooms as needed.

What are your daily program hours?

We are open from 7 am to 5:30 pm. Our school day is from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. All children need to be in their classrooms by 9:00 am. Every classroom begins their morning routine at this time. If your child is here after 3:30 pm, they will go to aftercare. (The fee for this is $6.00 a day.)

What do I need to bring when I sign up my child?

When signing up your child, you will need to have their current immunization forms and a current physical form. You can get these forms from the pediatrician.

What happens if I’m late picking up my child?

We know there are times where circumstance may prevent you from picking up your child in a timely manner. We ask you to notify us as soon as possible if you are in this situation. If this is a reoccurring issue, and the child is hereafter set hours, a $10 Fee plus $1 per minute charge will be applied to your account.

What items should my child wear and not wear?

If your child is old enough to wear shoes, closed toe shoes are a requirement. Two of our four playgrounds are mulch covered and your child might get hurt if they have opened toed shoes.

How can I keep up with what’s going on with my child’s classroom?

There are many ways you can keep up with the events going on your child’s classroom. One way is looking at the parent board on a daily basis. Some examples of what could be posted on there are any sing up sheets for a party or special events, the week’s lesson plan and also the month’s newsletter. Anything that the teacher wants the parents to see will always be posted up. Also, any updated information for the school can be found on the website. If you have any further questions, you may ask the front office at any time.

What should my child bring?

Depending on how old your child is, the items they need to bring might vary. If you have an infant you will need to bring diapers, type of milk they are drinking, extra clothing, etc. If you have a preschooler all they will need to bring is a crib sheet a blanket for nap time, and change of clothes/shoes in case of an accident.

How long has Achievements Learning Center been open?

We have been open since 2001.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our teachers are CDA Certified (Child Development Associates Certificate) and/or hold a college degree in education. Our staff is also CPR and First Aid certified.

The list is by no means complete. Please feel free to contact us at 941-423-8844 with questions that are not listed on this page. At Achievements Learning Center, we are proud of our staff, curriculum, and facility. However, we encourage you to learn about us before enrollment and during your child’s stay with us.