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Parent Testimonials

10 responses to “Parent Testimonials”

  1. I have had four children at ALC and I honestly can’t say enough good things…

    Some specific things that have made Achievements the top choice for our family: 1. Quality Care – the feeling that the teachers AND entire staff know my kids well and understand their individual needs – the teachers are qualified and professional and warm and caring as well – I know that my kids are in a loving and nurturing environment where they are not just being “watched” but are actively learning. 2. Structure and Consistency – with four kids, our home can sometimes be chaotic but, at ALC, I know that my kids have a consistent schedule including fun and engaging lesson plans, along with specific daily routines 3. Physical Environment – the classrooms, play areas and grounds are neat, clean, and attractive. The classrooms are print-rich, stimulating, and warm – ALC is frankly the best maintained child care center that I’ve seen. 4. BRIGHTWHEEL – ALC uses the brightwheel app which has been a game changer for me as a parent. Throughout the day, I can see pictures of my kids playing, learning, and having fun. I also get updated in real time regarding what they’re doing and eating, potty and nap times, etc. Even though I’m not with them, I feel completely connected to them. 5. Professionalism – the staff has always been professional, supportive, patient, and flexible. They have gone out of their way to support us as a large family and to ensure our kids are receiving the best care.

    I think every parent has felt that twinge of “guilt” when they drop their kids off for the day, but there is no greater gift than having peace of mind when you say goodbye. With ALC, I truly have peace of mind.

  2. We have been a part of the ALC family for nearly four years. I say family, because that is how we have always been treated. Being a teacher myself, looking for a facility that would meet all my needs was tough, however, ALC checked all the boxes on my list. Furthermore, I hear nothing but positive reviews from my Kinder teachers about the students coming from ALC. Both my boys struggle with separation at the beginning of the school year and BOTH their teachers love on them and make them happy and it makes this momma heart happy. The classrooms are amazing and the kids are always doing fun and engaging activities I LOVE the Brightwheel app. It allows me to stay connected throughout the day and I love getting photos I would highly suggest this facility to ANYONE who is looking for full time childcare.

  3. My experience at Achievements Learning Center has been awesome! My daughter has been there since she was 4 months old. The school is very clean and well organized. My work schedule is very crazy and ALC always does their best to work around my schedule. Anytime I ever need anything they’re always there for our family. Courtney and Aaliyah have done such a great job and my daughter really loves them. They are very patient with her and very caring. They also provide school lunches which is such a big help. I received my first Mother’s Day present from Sybil when my daughter was in her class and that is a experience I will never forget. Everyone that works in the office is also awesome too.

  4. I would highly recommend Achievements Learning Center as the educational place for your child. Our daughter went there as a newborn- 2 years old, a change for a few years only due to work related reasons but we chose to come back and she just recently graduated the VPK program. We have always been beyond satisfied with the effort in daily communications from the teachers and office as to her progress and events at the school. The willingness they have to work with your family and the friendliness each staff member has towards everyone makes for an enjoyable experience. We can not speak highly enough of our VPK teacher, Mrs. Jess C who encouraged and nurtured our daughter to not only be prepared for Kindergarten but excel in all areas. The teaching methods and morals of her were top notch and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better environment.

  5. Achievements Learning Center is a wonderful school with teachers who are dedicated to filling in as parents to our children on a daily basis. Both my children graduated from there. My son started at ALC when he was 2 months old and has been with them since. The professionalism that ALC shows towards the parents and students, is amazing. The kids are served snacks and hot meals for lunch everyday. Top notch school! I recommend them to anyone who is interested in enrolling their children for a daycare home style environment. Thank you ALC!

  6. I am very pleased to write a review of ALC. Jack has been with ALC for a year now and I could not be happier. From the front desk staff to the teachers in the infant room, everyone made us feel so comfortable with leaving our infant son with them. The shining stars of our experience have been our 1 year old (and so happily now 2 year old) teachers: Courtney and Aaliyah! From the first day, Jack gravitated to them and they genuinely love and care for him as if he is one of their own. They not only work with him to help develop his skills but also provide cuddles, care and compassion in our absence during the day which are equally important. I have watched Jack excel in his motor and vocabulary skills and his love and empathy towards others and I know that is in no small part to the interactions and programs that ALC have. They are truly a top notch school and I did a ton of research before choosing this school and I firmly believe it is best in the area.

  7. I started working at Achievements Learning Center just over seven years ago. I started out as an Assistant Teacher and am now one of the Curriculum Specialists. Through my many years working in childcare, this by far is the best school I have been privileged to work at. Despite its size, it’s a close knit work family. I can easily say that I love coming to work each day with my team members. This school is more than your typical day care. We actually focus on the development and learning of each individual child. 
    “Every child deserves a champion-an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” –Rita Pierson
    We are all champions in each child’s life we touch!

  8. Our two-year-old daughter, Savannah, has been attending ALC since she was 3 months old. She can recite the alphabet, count from 1-15, and identify colors. She loves the teachers there and they all know her by name. Our 4 month old daughter, Ashlyn, will be joining her in August and we couldn’t be happier.

  9. Just wanted to relay how wonderful Achievements Learning Center has been with my grandson Austin. The teachers, especially Ms. Christal, Ms. Jenna and Ms. Dana, have been wonderful for all the years he has attended; from the time he was about a year and a half to just recently graduating from VPK!! I know he will miss his teachers as will I! They have given him a great start to kindergarten and I know we all appreciate it!!
    So keep up the good work Achievements! I will think often of all you guys with all good thoughts and being thankful for all that you have done!

  10. After checking out 6 different schools in North Port we ended up at ALC. We are so glad, that we made the right choice. The staff there are fabulous and make sure my children’s needs are met at all times.Their classes are always clean. When our son started going there he did not speak any words in English. Miss Kristen was very patient and ensured that he felt comfortable and all his needs were met. Each day when he would come in he would give her hugs and kisses. Their curriculum program is excellent. Kids are giving excellent knowledge. I would highly recommend ALC.

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